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The Black HoleToner Cleaning Station allows you to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your cartridges.  The Black Hole gives you efficient dumping, a hood specifically designed to contain blasts of compressed air, and it’s packed with features not found on lesser dump stations.  All for a price you can easily afford.

  • The most effective hood available for containing blasts of compressed air.

  • The highest airflow rate of any cleaning station (950cfm actual measured airflow using 120v60hz).

  • Ergonomically optimized work area increases speed and quality of work.

  • Unique filtration system is economical and extremely effective on toner dust.

  • Compressed air cleaning is the fastest, most thorough, & least damaging method of cleaning cartridges. The Black Hole delivers optimum performance for remanufacturers, and is backed by our no hassle guarantee.

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The Black Hole

It’s bigger, better and faster than “competing” cleaning stations. The hood and dump system has been very carefully designed for compressed air cleaning and operator ergonomics. The filtration system is engineered to economically trap toner dust within the hood, and to prevent toner from blowing out the exhaust.

  • Laminar flow hood has four airfoils to contain blasts of compressed air within the hood, keeping your shop clean. Powerful 950 cubic feet per minute(27cubic meters per minute) airflow for cleaning with compressed air. Highest face velocity of any hood available.

  • Clear, glass coated Lexan top and door allow in plenty of light, yet is easy to clean. Built in 40watt fluorescent light fixture increases productivity and quality of work. The hood is also tilted back 20 degrees for operator visibility.

  • Plastic trash can allows operator to knock more toner out of the hopper before using the compressed air gun. Trash bag retainer and trash can cover, and dumping basket are included. Dumping basket prevents small parts and screws from falling into toner, so you don’t waste valuable time toner diving. We include a carton of 4mil trash bags (most trash bags are 1mil thick).

  • Extremely economical and effective filtration system for this type of work station. The pre-filter can easily stop and hold ten pounds of toner. This filter can be reused over and over again by vacuuming it clean. Any small amount of toner that escapes the primary filter will be stopped by two additional high efficiency bag filters. The purified air blows out the bottom of the machine between the wheels.

  • Differential pressure gauge alerts operator to excessive toner build-up in the filters. The operator uses the FilterTest gage to help maintain the high airflow.

  • Polyurethane air hose with quiet pistol grip nozzle and filter/pressure regulator included. (You will need to connect a compressed air line to the Black Hole.)

  • We made the Black Hole easy to unpack and unload off the truck, and no assembly is required. Two 4 inch diameter wheels allow The Black Hole to be easily moved within in your shop. Sets up quickly with no need for expensive ductwork. Just plug the cleaning station into any standard wall outlet and step up to higher productivity.

American: European:
Blower/Motor                              120volt, 60hz, 9amps
Machine Light        40 watt T8 fluorescent fully enclosed
PreFilter                     1.5" x 24" x 24" reticulated foam
Second Filter    24" x 24" x 11" long high efficiency bag
Final Filter        12" x 24" x 18" long high efficiency bag
Pressure Gauge                FilterTest with indicator light
A-Scale Sound Level Reading                    
Overall Dimensions         66"high x 31.5”wide x 36”deep
Height to Tabletop                                                 37"
Work Opening, Door Down                             8" x 25"
Work Opening, Door Up                                22" x 25"
Net Weight                                           73kg, 160 lbs
Shipping Weight                                  123kg, 269 lbs

European version same as American version except the
Blower/Motor is 220volt, 50hz drawing 4.5 amps. A 50hz electrical system causes a motor to spin only 5/6 as fast as it would using the 60hz(American) electrical system.

Sixty day no hassle money back guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind you will receive a full refund after it is returned to Plastic Tooling. Motor and other electricals guaranteed for one year.



Unit Price
BHCH120 Black Hole Cleaning Station (American)
Price includes:      
Completely assembled workstation. 40watt fluorescent fully enclosed light fixture, FilterTest light, power switch. Reusable prefilter, secondary filter, final filter. Trash can, trash can basket, trash can cover. Carton of 50 extra thick (4mil) trash bags. Polyurethane air hose with whiptails and filter/regulator, pistol grip air gun. Respirator mask. Freight charges will be added to your invoice.


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BHCH220V Black Hole Cleaning Station (European)
Price includes same items as the American version, but does not include overseas freight. Call for quote on ocean or air freight.  



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Reticulated Foam PreFilter                                


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Reticulated Foam PreFilter - Carton of 8


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Defiant Secondary Filter                                    


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Defiant Secondary Filter - Carton of 8 


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Defiant Final Filter                                             


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Defiant Final Filter - Carton of 8                       


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Black Hole Replacement Parts

Part Number


Air Hose Assembly, complete ready to use


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Airgun, heavy duty toner resistant                       


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Filter/Regular/Pressure Gage for compressed air line


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Blower/Motor Assembly                      


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Carton of 50 4mil Trash Bags                      


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Window Assembly, glass coated Lexan with hinge


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Hinge only for front window


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Variable Speed Switch replacement for older models


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Frequently Asked Questions...and honest answers.

Q:  What’s the price on the Black Hole Toner Cleaning Station?

A:  Try to look beyond the price and consider what you are trying to accomplish by investing in a dump station. The Black Hole is a full size, ergonomic workstation that will increase the speed and quality of your remanufacturing process. The extraordinary hood and filtration system will also greatly reduce all of the problems caused by toner in your shop. If you make your decision based on the lowest price, then all you will get is a small, cheaply constructed, under powered air cleaner, with a trash bag hanging in front of it.

Q:  What kind of filters are in the Black Hole?

  A:  It has three large, high efficiency air filters. This filter system has been very carefully engineered to stop massive amounts of toner within the hood, while blowing nearly pure air out the exhaust, and it does this economically. The filters on “competing” dump stations are inappropriate for the huge volume of air and dust generated by compressed air cleaning. Our pre-filter is designed to hold 10 pounds  of toner, and to be reused by vacuuming it clean The secondary filter should  only have to be changed after about 1000 cartridges The final filter should last about 2000 cartridges.  

above:   high efficiency filter system

below:   air hose assembly

Q:  Does the Black Hole have an air compressor?

A:  Our no hassle price also includes just about everything you will need, except for a compressor. Most shops already have a compressor, or it is easy to pick one up locally. However we do include a filter regulator & gage, a quiet pistol grip air gun, and a polyurethane air hose with whiptails. Just connect your compressor line to the Black Hole.

Q:  How much is the shipping charge?

A:  Shipping charges within the USA average about $300. We can provide liftgate service at delivery, residential delivery and call notification the day of delivery. Most of our orders go to toner shops outside of the USA. We can get you an ocean freight or air freight quote. We can ship to your freight forwarder within the USA.

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