Split-All was developed in response to your demand for a device which could safely and reliably split hoppers, but eliminate the need to purchase a separate splitter for each type of cartridge. This also saves valuable space in your shop.

By simply changing the fixture plate, which is held in place by two screws, all HP hoppers can be split on one machine. The fixture plates have a built-in safety guard, which completely covers the blade while the hopper is being cut. Each tooling set also includes a toner hopper fixture and a funnel for refilling the hopper.

Split-All is has built-in dust collector capability (you supply the service vacuum). It’s pre-wired so all you have to do is turn on the splitter and 95% of the toner and chips are collected. Having a vacuum hose connected while cutting also extends blade life, and gives you a larger range of acceptable feed rates.

Dimensions: 19"deep X 36"wide

Net Weight: 75lbs 

Shipping Weight: 102lbs


Unit Price
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SPLITA110V Base Price, 120volt, 60hz, 8amp
Includes 2 extra blades and UPS ground charges
$1875 Buy now
WXTOOLSET WX Tooling Set & HP8000 Trimming Fixture $295 Buy now
4000TOOLSET 4000/2100/2300Tooling Set $195 Buy now
8100TOOLSET 8100 Tooling Set  $195 Buy now
5000TOOLSET 5000 Tooling Set  $250 Buy now
4100TOOLSET 4100 Tooling Set $295 Buy now
BLADESA Cutting Blade, 4" diameter $29 Buy now
BLADESA4100 Cutting Blade for splitting HP4100, 4.5" diameter $29 Buy now
BELTSA Replacement Drive Belt for Split-All $10 Buy now

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