Retail Store Price List*

Price list of tools which are well suited to retail cartridge stores

Oct 2018

Black Hole Toner Cleaning Station

Black Hole 950cfm 120volt, 60hz, 9amp,   freight charges prepaid and added to your invoice     $2475

Black Hole 800cfm  220volt, 50hz, 5amp,  freight charges prepaid and added to your invoice       2475

Reticulated Foam Prefilter                                                     reusable after vacuum cleaning        26

Defiant Secondary Filter                                                  replace about every 1000 cartridges       33

Defiant Final Filter                                                          replace about every 3000 cartridges       36

Air Gun                                                                             heavy duty toner resistant air gun       19

Air Hose Assembly   airgun, urethane hose, filter/regulator, pressure gage, mounting bracket          99

Filter/Regulator Assembly              filter/regulator with pressure gage for compressed air line          48

Trash Bags                       carton of 50pcs, .004" thick bags for Black Hole Cleaning Station          40

Blower Motor Assembly                                                                                                            339 

Variable Speed Switch                                                                                                               37

Window  Assembly with Hinge                                                                                                    65

Hinge for Window Assembly                                                                                                    14.95

Metal Frame with Gasket for Reticulated Foam Filter                                                                    49


Black Hole Toner Dust Collector

950cfm 120volt, 60hz, 9amp                                                                                                   $650
Mounting Bracket                                                 for mounting dust collector to wall or ceiling       75

Reticulated Foam Prefilter  16" X 20"                                         vacuums clean and reuseable       19

Final high efficiency MiniPleat                                      similar in performance to a HEPA filter       60


Toner Pickup Towels                                       

Toner Pickup Towels, pack of 40, 12" X 17" yellow/orange towels                                                 $8

Toner Pickup Towels, carton of 400, 12" X 17" yellow/orange towels                                              67


Atrix Toner Vacuums

Atrix Omega Supreme service vacuum 110v60hz            includes shoulder strap & not as loud    $199

Atrix Express service vacuum 110v60hz                                             1/2 size service vacuum    115

Atrix HCTV 5 gallon vacuum 110v60hz                                   high capacity toner shop vacuum    399


Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Atrix Omega Filter (also fits 3M vac)                                        rated at 99.7% on .3 microns    $11.95

Atrix Omega HEPA Filter (also fits 3M vac)                HEPA rated at 99.97% on .3 microns      24.50

Atrix Express Filter 2 pack                                                                        Carton of 2 filters       19  

Atrix Five Gallon Filter                                                                           HCTV vacuum filter        53

Atrix Seven Gallon Filter                                                                        HCTV vacuum filter        65


Vacuum Accessories

6 foot Statically Conductive Hose                                  1.25" diameter, stretches up to 6 feet  $29.95

10 foot Statically Conductive Hose                               1.25" diameter, stretches up to 10 feet      35

16 foot Statically Conductive Hose                               1.25" diameter, stretches up to 16 feet      49

Flexible Goose Neck Attachment                                              16" long statically conductive       12

Crevice Tool with brush                                                                         statically conductive        9.50

Dusting Brush, 3" diameter horse hair                                             for cleaning up dust spills     4.95

*Overseas freight is extra.  All prices subject to change.   Prices are in US dollars.

Only $9.95 UPS Ground shipping on internet orders. Only $29.95 UPS ground to Canada, PR, AK, & HI.

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